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321: How Easy Is It To Move Energy Providers?

Moving to a new place is the most common reason to change your energy providers. However, there can be many other reasons that are associated with switching to a new energy provider such as saving money, getting it from more sustainable resources, or better customer services. You might be hanging back to get it done because you think the process is toilsome, but it is not at all. You might change your mind after passing through the points discussed below.

Do it online:

What else would you want when you can change your energy provider online? Yes, you can do this online. You can Compare energy with Selectra, an energy comparison website. It will provide you with all the information free, and you get an impartial view of the energy market. All you need to do is to deliver your current consumption detail that you can get from your most recent energy bills; then they give you a list of options available within your region. Confirm the switch by picking the plan that suits you the most, and provide some other details like address and bank details. That’s it! Your energy provider does rest of the work.

Guidance just a call away:

If you think delving into webs is not of help or the information you get there is quite ambiguous, pick up the phone and call. Having a conversation with one of the advisors out there can help you out of this. Tell them about your current tariff and let them know about your requirements. You get the deals according to service providers available in your region.  You will have to provide some details if you want to go ahead with one of the available options. Now, its energy provider’s turn to do the rest.

No hassle at all:

You might be the one who has the misconception that doing this is a lot hassle and it requires too much time but it doesn’t. It is right that you would not get it done in an instant, the process might take 17 days to complete. However, you are not supposed to do anything during that time. You just have to decide what plan you want and provide the information. Once you have done this, the next you have to do is just relax and wait for a few days.

Customer services:

Customer service can be one of the reasons that you are thinking of switching your gas and electricity provider. Keep this point in point while deciding about the new plan. Do research about the new provider and go through the customer services reviews. You get to know more about the company, and it gets easier for you to choose the plan. A good customer service would make it convenient for you if you confront any issue in future. Do not compromise with the customer services for some extra pennies.


By reading all the above, you might be now convinced for changing energy providers – which can help you to reduce the cost of living. You don’t have to cling like ivy with your current provider when you are not satisfied. The thing stopping you from getting it replaced is the procedure. However, it is way easier than you think it would be. Choose a plan according to your need and usage and go for it.

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