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321: Fantastic Ideas For Making Your Shed Look Cool On The Outside

We are a nation of garden lovers. Maybe this is because we probably have the best weather in the world for growing plants. Yes, it is wet a lot of the time which affects other things than gardening, that we would like to do, but all in all we have a climate that is envied by many countries around the world. Along with our passion for gardening comes our passion for sheds. This is a weird obsession for some people who often think more of their sheds than they do their homes. Perhaps it is the fact that nothing we do in the shed needs to be perfect. In the house, for example, if we want to display something, a suitable shelf may need to be installed; in a shed we will simply knock a nail in somewhere and hang something on it.

Funny shed

Life is simpler in the shed and, therefore, these magnificent structures need to be celebrated. If you have a shed in your garden that is looking plain and ordinary, you will find some fantastic ideas here for making it look cool on the outside.

Old Doors

The fellow has created a marvelous building in the image by using old doors. If you have a quirky personality, the shabby chic look  presented by brightly coloured, weathered paintwork may suit you perfectly. Nip down to your local reclaimed building materials dealer and buy some old doors that you can use to cover the outside of your shed. It is not unknown for people to knock on your front door and offer to buy such magnificent works of art from you.

Blend In

If you prefer your shed to look more natural than it does at the moment, you can give it the log pile treatment. Yes, it is possible to make your shed look like a pile of logs viewed from on end. To do this your shed will first need to be lined on the outside with some roofing felt. Apply the felt with roofing nails. Start at the bottom with the first row and make sure that the next row overlaps it. Once the shed is fully covered, begin fixing wooden discs to it that are cut from the ends of logs and branches; one screw in the middle of the disc is all it needs. The discs can be all sized and cut from different types of wood. It takes a while to complete this part of the job but when you have finished the shed will look awesome. Dress your shed with extras, such as weathervanes, to complete the look.

Space Age

If you are after a more contemporary look, think about mirrors and stainless steel. Mirror tiles that are flexible and contain hundreds of small mirrors can be applied to your shed in the same waythat they would be in your bathroom, and grouted. Dress other parts of the shed, the door maybe, with highly polished stainless steel sheeting that is applied using instant grab adhesive that comes in tubes. Your shed will reflect and look fantastic in the evenings, when the garden is lit up.

Whatever method you utilise for jazzing up your shed, put your heart and soul into the project. There is no room for half measures when trying to impress your friends and neighbours. You will be the talk of the town and your shed could even feature in garden, or design, magazines. Famous at last.

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