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321: Tips For Garden Security You Can’t Afford To Miss

We are living in dangerous times, and there are those out there who do not think twice about causing you harm or relieving you of your property. Gardens are an easy target because many people fail to secure them. That is strange when you consider that it is a place where the children play; sometimes out of sight. Most thieves and villains are opportunistic, and if you give them a chance, they will do what they do best.

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It is time to survey your backyard and see if there are ways to improve the security there. You don’t have to be a genius either; it is mostly common sense. Here are a few tips to inspire your thoughts on the subject.

The Fence

The primary form of protection is a sturdy fence. Yours may be chain link, in which case people can see straight through it. You might have one that is not very tall and has rotten posts; it offers little in the way of security. Remove your old fence and install a sturdy new one. Find out moreabout the types of post you could use online or at your local timber yard. You must use plenty of concrete to make them robust.

Don’t let the secure perimeter down by installing a tiny gate. It must be as tall as the rest of the boundary and strong. If an intruder cannot gain access to your garden or see over the fence, he will probably move along to another target.

Garden Shed

Sheds are a favourite place for burglars to find equipment they can sell at car boot sales and on internet auction sites. Lots of people don’t bother to lock the door because they think no harm will befall their property. That is part of the human condition; we are forever closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, as they say. Use a sturdy padlock so that a thief will have to make a lot of noise to gain access. That will put them in a vulnerable position, so the deterrent usually does the trick and sends them on their way.

You can also buy battery operated shed alarms that are extremely loud. Even if a burglar gets the door open, they will not hang around when they hear the ear-piercing sound. They are similar to personal rape alarms, but also feature a movement sensor.

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Security Lights

Security lights that activate by a passive infrared detector are so cheap these days there is no excuse not to have one. The powerful halogen bulbs light up the whole garden when someone moves within range of them. Intruders cannot use the darkness to hide their dodgy deeds. You don’t have to pay an electrician to install one either. Run a piece of flexible cable through the wall and connect it to the light. Then fit a plug to the other end. It is simplicity itself.

We have to do what we can to deter the criminals. Check out the neighbours gardens; are they more secure than yours? If so, the thief might have his eye on your property. It is the only time when keeping up with the Jones’ is a good thing. Secure your property before it is too late; don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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