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321: Top Tips For Reducing The Cost Of Living

Houses are expensive, mortgages are costly, and everything else is just an inconvenience on top of what you already have to account for. It’s important to try and save money where you can. So, with that in mind, here are some top tips for reducing the cost of living! Give them a go!

Business man on bike.

Business man on bike.

Get The Best Deal On Your Bills

Chances are, your bills are what is setting you back the most each month. There’s so, so much to pay for, that it can often get very overwhelming and extremely expensive. Saving money on your gas and electric bills is where to start. Certain local providers will be able to provide you with a much more competitive rate on your electricity than others, so give them a go. Here are some suggestions for calculating how to save money on, specifically, your energy bills. Something else to consider is your cable bill? Are you really making use of the service that you pay for? Will so much available for free on-demand and with other services like Netflix, who needs it? Cut the cord and save yourself money!

Cycle To Work

Having a car is ever so expensive to run. Not only does fuel cost a fortune, but you’re also doing the planet no good either! Consider cycling to work if you live near enough. This will keep you both fit and active, and hopefully also on time! Cycling means you can avoid the morning rush hour of traffic, which everybody detests! If you don’t have a bike, but still want to save money on your commute, then consider car sharing with a colleague. This way you can split the cost of fuel and have a nice chat with somebody in the morning. Alternatively, if there is more than one vehicle at your home address, ask a family member to drop you off at work on the way to their job. All these little things will go a long way to saving you some cash!

Ditch The Brands

Another expensive weekly expense is the food shopping. However, it needn’t be as costly as you think. Avoid buying branded products and stick to the supermarkets own-branded items. That way, you could save yourself a considerable amount. The food almost always tastes the same anyway; we bet you don’t notice the difference! This doesn’t have to apply to only food, though. When buying electricals, for example, you needn’t go for the known brand name if you know what you’re talking about. Walmart’s own HDMI cable will work just as well as one made by Sony!

In conclusion, if you manage to stick to these three money-saving habits, then you will significantly reduce your cost of living! Think what you could do with that extra bit of cash at the end of each month! Perhaps save for a holiday? Treat your other half? Or even better – pick up a new sports car! The possibilities are endless, so long as you start saving today! Good luck.

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