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321: What NOT to Do When Cooking

We all make a few mistakes when we’re getting the hang of cooking…it’s only natural. For example, I once sprinkled my banana omelette (yes you read that right) with paprika rather than cinnamon. Yuk. However, there are some easily avoidable mistakes that even experienced chefs make sometimes! The following is a list of things not to do when cooking…all budding chefs take note:cooking kitchen

Cooking with the Pan too Cold

When you begin cooking with a cold pan, the meat you’re attempting to cook doesn’t colour. Also, things begin to stick. Many people make this mistake when cooking steak, as with other meat dishes. Use some oil in the pan, and don’t be afraid to turn the heat right up – especially when cooking steak! Chefhelp are a specialist London chef agency, and any of their chefs would be able to tell you this.

Overcooking Fish

Overcooked fish is really gross, and you should never force anybody to eat it. It lacks flavour and moisture – two of the most important things when eating fish! Don’t be afraid of it being raw, as heat can still penetrate the fish without making it look cooked through. In fact, it should keep some transparency. I only cook my fresh salmon for 15 minutes in the oven.

Interfering with the Meat

Many people interfere with meat too much when they cook it in the pan, either by moving it around or flipping it over and over. This is plain WRONG…especially when it comes to steak. Simply put it in the pan and time on a stopwatch or something until it’s time to turn it, and DON’T touch it! You’ll be able to tell the difference, trust me.


Overcrowding in pans causes vegetables and meats to boil rather than brown off. If you have a lot of food to cook, cook in batches and keep them heated in a warm oven if you need to while you do the rest.

Not Using Salt

Salt flavours dishes, and you should always add salt to meat and veg before cooking. However, not that rubbish table salt, thankyou very much. Sea salt is the way forward!

Blunt Knives

Blunt knives are actually more dangerous in the kitchen, as they are prone to slipping. Not only that, they tear the meat you’re cutting rather than slice it. Buy the sharpest chef knives you can afford if you want each and every dish to turn out perfectly. They could cost you anything from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand!

Cheap Kitchenware

Those light pots and pans with the non stick coating are not what you want to be cooking with. Everybody has them, but a proper cooking pot should have a really heavy base, and take at least a bit of effort to lift up. Aim for copper pots if you have the budget, as these heat up way more effectively!

Follow the tips above and you’ll notice the difference in your cooking almost instantly!

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