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5 Best Hair Removal Techniques For Men

Even though hair removal has always been regarded as the “woman” thing, men are also keen on having well-groomed, clean skin today. As a styled and groomed look is no longer meant for females only, men are also looking for effective ways of hair removal. The criteria of choosing a method is quite similar as everyone prefer a method that is safe, effective, quick and painless. Let us check the most popular hair removal techniques for men.

  1. Shaving

Men have been shaving off their facial hair for ages and it remains a preferred means of getting rid of the body hair too. It is a simple and easy method that you can use without any professional help. It also happens to be the most economical means of hair removal. Another benefit of shaving is that it is absolutely painless. On the downside, it yields rough growth and the hair come back fast.

  1. Epilators

Epilators are electric tweezers that pull the hair right from the root and give smoother and softer skin. These can be used on both, face and body and give excellent and lasting results. You can do some research or talk to your salon professional to buy the best epilator for guys. This is a one-time investment as now you will be able to get well-groomed, hair-free look right at your home.

  1. Laser Removal

Another technique for hair removal for males is laser removal. If you are willing to pay a little extra to get rid of hair permanently from some body parts, then laser removal makes the best option for you. It makes use of laser beam to extract the hair from the root, which minimizes the chances of the hair coming back. The method is used to remove hair from the neck, chest, back, stomach and genitals.

  1. Waxing

Waxing is as popular amongst men as it is amongst women. They use it mainly for hair removal from the arms, legs, underarms, and back. It gives great results and is quick. On the other hand, many men want to avoid it because of the pain it causes. Moreover, it has to be done by a professional who is experienced at the job. Also, make sure that they use good quality wax and hygienic waxing strip for the procedure.

  1. Electrolysis

Like laser treatment, electrolysis is also a permanent technique of hair removal. It uses electric current to remove the hair from the root, which prevents subsequent growth. This method gives excellent results but is not affordable for all. You would require taking multiple weekly sittings for almost a year, depending on the amount of hair you want to get removed. Men prefer this method for hair removal from the eyebrows, neck, chest and back.

All these techniques are meant for specific body parts and differ in terms of their cost, longevity and the amount of pain they cause. Consider the pros and cons of each of the methods carefully before you decide which one would be right for you.

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