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How To Benefit From Using Self-Storage

Self storage is a great option for businesses and residential customers alike, providing the option of either temporary or permanent space. Whether it’s a house renovation or moving home, or more room required for business stock, self storage can be a cost effective and flexible option.

No matter what you use your self storage for, if you’re not organised you could end up running out of space more quickly than you planned. Here are some top tips for organising your belongings and also getting the most out of the space available.

Don’t rush the job 

If you’ve got a lot to get done, there can be the temptation to simply pile all the boxes in and worry about the mess later. Although this may be quick, you’ll regret it later on when you can’t find what you need and have to pull everything back out again.

The golden rule is to make sure you label everything that goes into storage. This will allow you to identify the contents of a box with just a single glance, making it quick and easy to retrieve what you’re looking for.

Think about a system 

You might not have considered having a system in place but a little extra time in organising how and where you store your boxes will really pay dividends.

Grouping your boxes into categories will enable you to locate the relevant box much more quickly than having to sort through the whole contents of your unit when you need something. Consider what items are likely to be retrieved more frequently and place those in the most accessible space.

Don’t forget about leaving a pathway through your unit; this will allow you to reach the items right at the back without having to remove all the boxes in the front first.

Don’t forget protection 

Top quality locations such as provide secure and safe self storage units which are warm, dry and ventilated, allowing you to store many different items inside. However, while your items will be in the very best possible storage facility, there are some steps you can take to provide additional protection:

  • Wipe away any moisture before putting items in storage; water can create condensation inside your unit that could be damaging
  • If you are storing any large appliances, leave the doors slightly ajar to allow ventilation
  • Remove any batteries to prevent corrosion
  • Make sure there’s no food remnants that could attract pests
  • Tape up every box
  • Pad any fragile items to prevent accidental damage.

Making the most of your space 

Even though you’ll need to make sure you leave sufficient room to access all your stored items, it’s possible to make the most of the space available.

Using boxes of the same size will make it easier to stack securely, allowing you to take advantage of the vertical space available. Going upwards rather than just horizontally will provide you with much more room in your unit.

If you have large items such as furniture, dissemble it if possible. Lots of furniture can be taken apart and slotted together, allowing it to be stored in a more space-efficient way.

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