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The Benefits of a Beautiful Workplace Garden

When we think of modern businesses, we usually come up with a limited range of images. A few of us will think of back-breaking labour on a construction site. Perhaps more of us will imagine rows upon rows of people in suits, typing away at dusty computers. We imagine a lot of frustrated, bored, aching people who would rather be at home. In fact, even with all this new technology, how we imagine the average work life really doesn’t seem to have changed much over the last fifty years. Not really.

Obviously, not all jobs are nightmarish. The point is that, however much we imagine a worker enjoys their job, we don’t exactly imagine a relaxing and natural work environment. But many big-name companies these days are actually making attempts to compensate for this. More and more companies are seeing the benefits in gardens.

How do I get an office garden?

More business owners are wondering how they can get in on this kind of venture. A few months ago, photos were published of the new Facebook offices. Before that, photos of Google workplaces were also widespread. Most of the time, when these kinds of photos are released, people are only interested in seeing the interiors. But people seemed to be just as attracted to the exteriors of these buildings.



The offices of Facebook, Google, and many other modern companies are surrounded by gorgeous gardens. So, naturally, interest in getting a nice garden (or general outdoor area) rose dramatically. But, as you’ve probably figured out, you can’t just “acquire a garden”. You need to have the exterior land already, and you need to have permission to use it! So when you look for a new workplace for your business, give strong consideration to the outside as well as the inside.

What are the benefits?

One of the obvious benefits is that a gorgeous exterior makes people curious about your business. Appearances do matter, after all! Anything that can increase people’s desire to work at your business is something worth looking into. It really does some good for your “business ego”, too. What greater sign of success is there than having the freedom to design the outside of your business as well as the inside? (Aside from, y’know, lots of money?)



For your workers, too, the benefits are great. Anything to make your workplace a nicer environment to be in is going to increase worker satisfaction. A wander around the garden can be great stress relief, too.

What should I put there?

The first thing people think of when they think of gardens is the flora. What kind of plants are you going to have in there? Well, pretty much anything is going to help bring a nice vibe to your business. But people do tend to go for large arrays of colourful flowers. Trees that provide plenty of shade are also essential. Of course, if you’re looking at a property with no flora outside? Then there’s potentially a problem with the soil. If you want the outside to look amazing, then you may want to work with environmental science services such as soil testing to ensure the land is suitable for it.



There are also other things to consider. What seating will you provide? Benches seem like an obvious inclusion. But picnic tables will also allow for group lunch sessions. Water features also help give the place a luxurious and relaxing aesthetic. You just have to make sure you can trust your employees not to, y’know, fall in.


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