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How To Build A Fully-Functional Garage: A Guide For Home DIY Mechanics

Are you sick of paying lots of money whenever your car needs a repair? Do you wish that you could carry out many of those tasks yourself? Well, aside from learning about auto repairs, that is something you could certainly achieve!

Believe it or not, more of us are starting to do our own car service and maintenance tasks at home! Auto shops can often charge extreme fees for simple tasks like replacing brake rotors.


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Wouldn’t it be good if you could do those jobs yourself and save yourself the labor fees? In today’s blog post, I will give you a step-by-step guide on doing so! How? By creating a fully-functional garage, of course!

Build a garage if you haven’t already got one

Of course, this blog post will be pointless if you don’t have a garage to work with! So, with that in mind, the first thing you need to do is build a garage. If you’re good at construction, you could do it yourself. Although for the sake of convenience, I recommend getting a builder to construct it for you.

You will need to ensure that you’ve got enough space to build a garage. And you will need to check that you are allowed to do so by your local authority.

You should build your garage sympathetic to the style of your house. For example, a period house should have a garage with a period-looking Cedar door. The key is to make everything fit in well together from a style point of view.

Have some hydraulic lifting equipment installed

Next, you will need an easy way to raise your car and work underneath it. You might not think it, but getting hydraulic lifting equipment fitted isn’t expensive! By doing so, all you have to do is raise the car by pressing a button on the lift’s controls.

It will save you valuable time, back ache, and it will be safer too. Be sure to install a lift that allows you to walk around it with ease.


Photo via Pixabay

Get a fully-stocked tool chest and wall hangers fitted

There’s no point having a garage workshop if you’ve got no tools. Or anywhere to keep them, for that matter! Tool chests that have castors on them are a good idea. That’s because you can move your tools near to your working area. Consider having some shelving or wall mounts installed for some of your power and hand tools.

Install a plethora of electrical sockets

You will no doubt need electricity to power some of the tools you need to use. I recommend having fitted at least six pairs of electrical sockets. Space them out at various points in the garage for convenience. And make sure that only a professional electrician does the work for you!

Install plenty of lighting

LED lights are cheap to buy these days. Plus, they will make your garage brighter. Have some ceiling and wall lights fitted for high levels of illumination.

Get a ventilation system fitted

The last thing you need to have done is to get a ventilation system fitted. If you need to work on your auto with the motor running, you don’t want to suffocate from carbon monoxide fumes!

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