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Cleansing And Detox: The Similarities And Differences

Your body needs cleaning just like your home, every once in a while. Detoxification or cleansing of the body is an opportunity to clean the body out of all the exposure to toxic elements in the environment and give yourself a refreshed feeling for both the body and mind. It can rejuvenate and renew the body and also uplift your mood. It is simply like jump-starting your body for a more active and healthier life.

How Does Detoxification Work?

Detoxification works with the help of a formulated diet that avoids unhealthy grub and is filled with rich proteins and carbohydrates. In addition to this, it also includes foods such as green tea which is known for their detoxifying properties. A detox diet can strengthen the actions of the kidney and liver giving you a deeper sense of freshness.

Foods such as lemon, garlic, ginger, pineapple, and kale can greatly aid in the detoxification process. It is essential to ensure that you do not deprive the body of any necessary nutrients while you indulge in a strict detox diet that usually ranges from three to seven days.

What Is Cleansing?

Cleansing is a process that is similar to detoxification that gets rid of unwanted substances from the body for a healthier you. However, while detox diets involve a specific diet of food and juices, cleansing also includes supplements to be administered to address a specific issue such as parasites. It is inevitable if you face an infestation and it is also the easiest way to get your body healthy again.

Cleansing is primarily associated with gut health and microbe activity. A sign that shows you require cleansing can be bloating which is due to unhealthy items piling up in the gut. An unhealthy gut can lead to severe issues causing severe discomfort and illness. Here is a list of cleansing routines that can be opted for based on your overall body health.

What Are Toxins?

Often people tend to associate cleansing and detoxification as a single process. However, the one point they coincide is on the term toxins. What are toxins? Toxins are compounds that are around us at all times and can be potentially dangerous to good health.

They can be pesticides, pollutants in the air such as dioxin, radiations, heavy metal traces in the air or soil or ingredients in processed foods. Terms such as gluten and dairy are often used associated with toxicity. However, they are not toxic unless you are intolerant or allergic to it. Living in the modern world, exposure to toxins is inevitable and accumulation can cause harm to the human body.

Natural Detoxification By The Body

Contrary to popular belief, the body can detoxify itself to a large extent. The kidneys and liver work to flush out any toxins you may have absorbed from the environment. However, when you can feel the fatigue and the pollution affecting your health, it may be the right time to perform a detox diet or cleansing.

Depending on your symptoms, you can choose between the two. Cleansing is often considered healthier due to the food involved while detox may bring about a faster effect.

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