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A Confusing Tarot Reading: How Can An Expert Help?

If you have been taking tarot readings from time to time, you may know what a confusing reading looks like. On the other hand, first timers can expect them as well. A reading can be considered as a confusing one if the question and intention is clear but the answer that the cards give is ambiguous. And this is something that happens more than once. However, this is not something that should cause disappointment because the reading can still make sense, provided that you have an expert to join the dots and come up with a useful result. Here are the ways in which a knowledgeable and experienced tarot professional can help you clarify even the most confusing reading.

Guiding the clients to set realistic expectations

To begin with, you can avoid something baffling from coming up with the session by simply setting optimal expectations. This is something that a reader can help you with by explaining the process thoroughly so that you know what kind of answers to expect. Accuracy matters but it is not every time that you will get answers that are on dot; readers may come up with different perspectives to the same questions. Therefore, it really matters to have realistic expectations and not thing that you will get answers that are always straightforward.

Helping them to frame the right questions

The basic fundamental of tarot readings is that great questions get reliable answers. So the person who takes a reading should know the difference between a right question and a wrong one to get an answer that is clear and useful. For instance “What can be done to strengthen my relationship with my loved one?” will be a better question as compared to “Will the one I love fall in love with me?” The reason is that the first question has better chances of getting an answer that will have a guiding perspective as compared to the second one.

Asking them to take notes

There are several myths about psychic readings that cause the clients to be confused even before they connect with a reader. An expert will ask the client to have clarity when they come for a reading in the first place. A good idea to avoid getting confused is to pen down the entire questions and answers during the session because most people simply forget them after it is over. This is a major concern that leaves them confused and unsatisfied with the session. You can even record the conversation if you are not comfortable with writing things down

Describing them the meaning of each card

A majority of people come for a tarot reading with minimal knowledge about these cards and their meanings. Choosing an expert as your reader can be of great advantage because a good one will explain you the meaning of the cards you pick and help you interpret them as well. With this, there are good chances of getting clear, not confusing answers to most of the questions you ask. Since tarot cards are multi-layered, they are not always easy to understand but having a competent professional doing it for you give you better chances of getting value from the session.

Drawing a clarifying card

If a reader is not getting definitive answers despite the best efforts and the reading seems to be going nowhere, drawing a clarifying card may help. A seasoned reader will ask you to draw an additional card for the purpose of dealing with the confusion and making sure that the session gives you some fruitful revelations before it ends. A good professional will never want to waste the client’s money or leave him with more questions than answers at the end of the reading.

Giving you some space

Another good way to deal with a confusing tarot reading would be to take a break and try to come back later. Good readers are flexible and prefer not to be rigid about the time frames of readings, particularly if they feel that a client is getting nothing tangible out of them. They can stop the reading in the mid and ask you to reconnect for the session at a later date so that you get a better and more meaningful experience.

The value that you get from a tarot reading comes from the answers it yields for you. This depends significantly on the skills and expertise of the tarot reader you consult. A professional with right skills and ethics will make sure that your reading is crystal clear and never leaves you confused in the end.

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