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How to Create the Perfect Kitchen Environment with Lighting

The appropriate lighting in your kitchen can bring out the best look of food you prepare, countertops and cabinets. Previously for kitchen lighting, Constructors usually stick to a ceiling fixture and though it will do the needful. As of today, it has been identified that in order to create a perfect kitchen, it is essential to have an effective lighting structure. When it comes to kitchen lighting, LED spotlights have ranked as the number one choice of the kitchen wish lists. Creating the perfect kitchen with LED spotlights is a good start but another extremely important thing is to form different layers of light in order to enhance your kitchen with a warm and welcoming feel along with offering efficient task lighting.

The best way is to use LED spotlights in multiple ways:

LED Recessed Lights

With LED recessed lights into the ceiling of your kitchen, you will be able to cast task lighting over basins, built-in pantries, kitchen islands and countertops. Placing LED spotlights around the edge of the kitchen, will ensure that there will no shadow while you work at kitchen counters and stand at islands. They will highlight the beauty of kitchen cabinetry and light up the dim corners. It is better to install one recessed light with a gap of approximate 4 to 5 feet of ceiling.

LED Lights over the Cabinet

These lights are all about giving a style to your kitchen area. These lights are fixed on the top of your kitchen cabinets to light up the display and throw a warm light over the ceiling and the walls. It is recommended to utilize power efficient LED spotlights so you can keep them lit throughout the night and it will not be a burden on your electricity bill. Here are some good examples:

LED Lights under the Cabinet

Previously it has been considered as a luxury for your kitchen, lights under the cabinets have now become a necessity. With LED spotlight, they will provide the countertops with bright light. All you are requires to do is to place the lights behind the edge of wall cabinets. This way only the light will be visible, while the fixture will remain hidden. For optimal task lighting, you can place lights in the front quarter of the cabinet. In case you wish to highlight an appealing backsplash, you can put the lights in the back. Strips of LED lights are best to use as lights under the cabinet. They easily get stick to the cabinet and are becoming a preferred choice because they can be conveniently installed and are also energy efficient.

Ceiling Fixtures

Previously they were the main kitchen lighting. The ceiling fixture is mostly installed over or close to the ceiling while suspended on a little stem. They are the most common preference for small size kitchens and offer all-purpose lighting. LED spotlights have become largely common for ceiling fixture in the kitchen because they offer a warmer and natural light as compared to other bulbs.

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