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How to Ensure Your Puppy Isn’t Malnourished

You can avoid malnutrition in your puppy by following the proper dog feeding habits and feed your puppy always with a balanced diet. A healthy diet is important if you want your puppy to grow up and lead a happy life.

Proper nutrition is, therefore, a must for all loving pet owners. You should always be alert for signs in your puppy that points towards nutritional deficiencies, this will help keep you in check and avoid malnutrition in your pet.

Malnutrition is a serious condition in dogs which have bad consequences on the health and life of your pet. This is why every pet owner should be conscious of the diet habit of their dogs as malnutrition can be very fatal.

Many pet owners feel dogs that are malnourished are stray dogs that feed on trash and have no one to care for them, but most dogs that are have owners suffer from malnutrition too. Feeding your dog with the wrong type of dog food can lead to malnutrition. If you lack the rudimentary knowledge of the nutritional need for your puppy, then your puppy may be malnourished.

Symptoms of Malnutrition

The following signs will help you notice if your dog is suffering from malnutrition:

  • Your dog has a weak body appearance, is always weak, has no muscle mass, and body fat. If you be to see the bones, ribs, and spine of your dog, then you should be worried.
  • If your dog is always weak, lacks the energy to play, run and interact actively with you and other dogs, then there is a problem.
  • If your puppy has a weak immune system and is always falling sick, this could be malnutrition. Malnourished dogs are prone to health challenges; they also take a longer time to recover from diseases when they are done too. They suffer from malfunctioning of vital organs like the kidney, the muscles, the heart and the brain.
  • If your dog begins to lose weight, hairs, get scaly skin and scruffy hairs, then he could be malnourished.
  • Other signs include excessive vomiting and diarrhea as malnutrition can lead to the improper function of the digestive system.
  • The weakness of the bones and teeth are also signs your dog lacks the necessary nutrient for good health.
  • If you notice involuntary bowel movements, frequent gases, strange mouth and body odor, or hard stools then your dog needs attention. 

How to Avoid Malnutrition In Your Puppies

  1. Always visit your vet for recommendations on the type of food you should feed your dog. The number of nutritional supplements you should give your dog according to his size, age, and breed.
  2. Ensure you give your dog good quality dog food, such as:
  3. Do not overfeed your dog! Do not feed it leftovers from your own table as excessive nutrients have its own problems. Obesity in dogs is bad, and excessive accumulation of nutrients like potassium and phosphorus in large concentrations can lead to serious organ failure.
  4. Use the right dog food and natural supplement for your dog, anything less is not acceptable.
  5. You can visit here to learn more about how to care for your dog.
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