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A Friendly Fort Knox: Giving Your Home A Security Makeover That Works!


A lot of people think that security in the home is just making sure that the door is locked at night. As time goes on, we are getting warier about making sure our families are safe so we can sleep soundly at night. Did you know, it only takes about 7 seconds for a burglar to decide whether to break into your home? So, in that short space of time, they have given your home a quick analysis and have looked for the entry points and if you have a very accessible home! What is the best approach? By making your home look as thief-repellent as you can. Let’s break down the key areas to avoid a break in.

Doors And Windows

The doors and windows are the easiest points of entry for a potential thief, so installing the most secure types of locks, for example, deadlocks, is a good starting point, and get yourself a security chain for the front door. If you live in a questionable neighborhood, you have some protection when opening the door. And, if it doesn’t need repeating once, it needs repeating a dozen times, check and double-check all your door and window locks when you leave the house, including the upstairs ones!

If you have a patio door or any door that slides, placing a wooden dowel or a bar made of metal in the tracking of the door is a simple method to secure the door in place.

It is very easy to leave your keys in the door locks at night, but if you have a mailbox, it is a prime way for thieves to fish the keys out using wires, so it’s just better to keep the keys far away from the door and out of sight.

When it comes to securing your windows, you can’t avoid the fact that they could get smashed through without putting bars up, but if you don’t like the prison aesthetic for your home then by investing in an upgrade to UPVC windows, they are a lot more difficult to smash due to the additional layers.

Protecting Your Valuables

Your household possessions can hold a lot of sentimental value, especially if you have a priceless heirloom, so a good starting point is to make an inventory or list of items that you hold dear. It certainly makes life easier for the insurance company, as if you ever suffered a devastating robbery, then knowing exactly what has been stolen will help the insurance firm replace the items “like for like,” and although this doesn’t replace the lost items, by having an inventory, it will certainly make the process a lot easier.

And if you have a lot of priceless items, you are probably a lot better off investing in a small safe to store them. You can either get a safe that is code-activated or a key-lock safe.

Tips To Make It Look Like You Are At Home

A very handy way to deter thieves in the first place is to always give the impression there is somebody at home, which is useful if you like to go on vacation a lot. Using a timer to set the lights to come on and off at certain times is a simple and effective tool. If you are friendly with your neighbors and trust them to tidy away your mail, so a big pile of letters at your door doesn’t give away the game, then that is recommended. A company like alarm-reviews shows how simple it is to install a home security system, and so, for the cost, it is definitely peace of mind. And with security systems being more sophisticated than they were 20 years ago, you can now “log in” using your smartphone or tablet from anywhere.

Other Methods

In the miscellaneous, but also equally useful, category, getting a dog is a very handy deterrent. Thieves tend to not target homes that have pets because of the fact that they can get very noisy. So, by getting a dog whose bark is worse than their bite is a simple approach. But if you can’t bear the amount of cleaning you may have to do as a result of getting a pet, purchasing motion sensors that can be set up in exterior areas, like on the porch or in the garden is a safe bet. Motion sensors activate a light, and if you have notified a neighbor that you are on holiday, at least they will know that something is afoot if the sensor is tripped! Motion sensors require very minimal maintenance, which is a plus when it comes to giving your home a security makeover!


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