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Getting (and Keeping) the Showhome Look Isn’t Impossible

Looking at showhomes is one of the best parts of looking for a new house. It’s also a great way to get interior ideas or just entertain yourself when you’re bored. But while they all look fantastic, you can’t help wondering if anyone’s home really looks like that. Until you visit a friend who does manage to keep the showhome look all the time, it seems impossible. Clearly, some people manage to do it, though. If you want your home to look pristine all the time, it’s not impossible. It can be harder if you have kids or pets, but you can still do it.



Keep Things Simple

If you look at showhomes, you’ll see that there isn’t too much going on. This is partly because there are no personal effects from anyone living there. However, it’s also that the people that design these homes don’t make it too complicated. They know that keeping the decor simple allows the home to shine. It’s also much more practical if you don’t go overboard with the decor. It’s easy to keep everything clean and tidy, from putting things away to dusting. When you’re choosing furniture and other elements, try to avoid making your home too fussy.

Tidy As You Go

Keeping your home clean and tidy is one of the key elements of the showhome look. If it’s even a little messy, it can ruin everything. You might be able to get away with an artfully placed throw, carefully arranged to look like it’s been tossed onto your sofa without any thought. The best thing to do is to tidy and clean as you go. Don’t leave things lying around and tell yourself you’ll pick them up later. Instead of cleaning your bathroom once a week, wipe down the sink or shower straight after using them.

Make the Bed Everyday

As part of staying tidy, don’t leave your bedroom in disarray every morning. For some people, making the bed is pointless if you’re going to mess it up again in the evening. But if you want a neat home, you have to make sure your bed is neat. Change your bed linen more often too, instead of leaving it until you can’t get away with it anymore. As with the other elements in your home, choose smart but simple linen. Take inspiration from hotels and stick with white sheets with some more colorful embellishments to brighten them up.

Patch Up Small Problems

As well as keeping things clean and tidy, you also want everything to look brand new. The best way to do this is to stay on top of any issues, no matter how small. For example, you might notice a tiny nick in the wallpaper or paint on one wall. If you leave it, it could become a bigger problem. But if you take care of it right away, you can keep everything looking pristine.

Keeping your home looking like a showhome can be a struggle, but you can do it. You have to be dedicated if you want to achieve it though.

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