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How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

If you’ve got a garden in your backyard or are growing varieties of flowers you might find it useful to have birds around.  In short, birds can help you to meet your yields as well as protect your crops and even promote growth.  For example, birds can contribute to such things as:

  • Eliminating weeds – Believe it or not, some small varieties of birds consume quite a lot of vegetation that might otherwise be considered useless or even harmful to your crops.  Instead of doing the work yourself, why not let the birds handle the job?
  • Pollinating flowers – The benefits of attracting hummingbirds to your garden and flower beds are widely known.  Having them around usually means that you’ll grow brighter, more colorful flowers too, this in turn attracts more birds.
  • Controlling pests – Perhaps the best benefit of having birds in your garden is pest control.  Simply put, they eat the pests so that your crops remain intact.  Also, by relying on this natural solution you might not need toxic pesticides.

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

As far as attracting birds to your garden is concerned, there are several things you can do.  For starters, do a little bit of research to determine what the dominant species are in your area.  You can’t very well attract birds if you don’t even know what varieties exist, can you?

The next logical thing to do is to put out food.  This can come in several forms.  Some people like to simply put out sugar, which not only attracts certain types of insects, but also butterflies, which birds tend to be attracted by.  Feeders are also a very popular and standard tool for use in bringing birds around.  Your local home and garden store should have several different types of feed / seeds which you can stock your feeders with.  Moreover, if you’re interested in attracting hummingbirds you’ll want to pick up a feeder that dispenses nectar, which they are quite fond of.  Likewise, you can plant varieties of plants which are native and produce edible fruit / nectar.

Following that, the next thing to do is to provide the birds with shelter.  This can be accomplished one of two different ways; one, you can simply build birdhouses, or two; you can create little baskets with materials which they can use to build their own nests with.  If you’re building birdhouses it’s important that you make sure that the entrance holes are big enough for your bird species to enter.  Also, avoid designs which allow predators to easily climb up or reach in and grab them. If you’re going to let the birds build their own nests then do so (keep in mind that most bird species are very resourceful and can build nests from pretty much anything, so get creative).

Finally, give them something to drink.  Most people like to erect concrete bird baths but you can also use buckets and jugs which you can hang from trees.  However, you should avoid placing these water sources in areas where cats can use them to feed (for obvious reasons).  Furthermore, consider investing in a birdbath which features a fountain, as birds are attracted to sprinkling water.

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