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How To Create a Child Friendly Garden The Easy Way

When we are in a rush to create the perfect outdoor room or centre for entertainment, it is easy to forget that the garden is for the use of the whole family. Children probably use the garden more than anyone else so it is only right that the garden is mainly designed around them. As they play, some damage is naturally caused, and this can’t be avoided. We can try to design features into the garden, however, that make it a little more durable and safe for our children, so that they can enjoy it and make the most of playing outside.

child garden football

Here are a few ways to make your garden more child friendly so they will be encouraged to use it more.

Planting Scheme

Does your garden have beds of roses or thorny fruit bushes? While your children are young at least, plants that have spikes or thorns are best removed from the planting scheme. Thorns are painful, and the wound can easily become infected. Is it worth taking a risk or acting now as a precaution?

Water Danger

Kids and ponds don’t go well together. If you must have a pond in your garden make sure it is securely fence with a locked gate also. Tall chain link fencing is ideal for this job. Ideally the pond will be visible from the house and, just in case anyone should fall in, it should have gently sloping sides so they could get out easily. Ideally, the pond should be filled in until the children are old enough to appreciate the dangers.


Whenever it rains, does your garden turn into a mudbath? This problem is easily solved by doing away with your existing lawn and installing an artificial one instead. It is easy to find replacement grass with an internet search. By using this modern product, mud and mowing are banished from your garden.

Play Equipment

Most gardens will have a swing and a slide for the children to play one. It is a fact that, when children fall, they are not very bouncy. Therefore, we must provide a soft surface on which to land. There are products on the market that are made from recycled tyres and are soft to land one should a child fall off some apparatus. This product is being widely used in parks up and down the country and has saved many head injuries and broken bones. It only makes sense to install it in our own gardens too.

Somewhere to Dig

Children like nothing more than digging, at every opportunity. By giving them a place to carry out this activity safely, you will be keeping them from harm and saving the flower beds at the same time. Sand boxes are ideal for this purpose. It is important that proper play sand is used as opposed to building sand and that the box has a lid. Without a lid, cats will undoubtedly use the box as a toilet and expose your child to potentially serious conditions such as toxoplasmosis.

As you can see, making your garden a little safer and interesting for the kids isn’t so hard, and it can all be put back the way you like it after ten years anyway. By making the garden more attractive to your little ones, you are also making life just a little bit easier for yourself too.

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