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How To Create A Tropical Garden (Even In The UK)

Tropical gardens are a tranquil and serene place to relax. When you think of one, you’ll be thinking of one in a foreign country, right? Well in this post, we’re going to teach you how to create a tropical garden even if you live in the UK! Tropical gardens can bring much joy and add value to your property, so read on to learn more.

tropical garden

Find Out The Climate In Your Area

Usually, tropical plants will prefer hotter climates, so you need to find out the climate in your area so you know what you can grow. Saying that, any warm climate will usually do but you’ll get less flowers and a slower rate of growth (so those in the UK just have to wait a bit longer).

If you think your area is too cold to start a tropical garden, you can create one in a greenhouse! That’s good news for us British folk; we can have a choice of both indoor and outdoor plants!

Find Out Your Soil Type

Tropical plants prefer rich soil, so if you don’t have rich soil you’ll need to alter yours to suit. This step is very important in making sure you grow a beautiful tropical garden that will thrive for a long time.

Plan Your Layout

Once you know your climate, soil type, and have selected the kinds of plants you like, you’ll want to plan the layout of your garden. Make sure you design a functional and practical garden, as well as one that looks stunningly beautiful. What else will your garden be used for? Make sure you take everything into account and design accordingly.

Have a look online and in books to inspire you!

If You Live In A Hot, Dry Climate…

If you live in this kind of climate you’ll need to make sure you have some shade cover. You can do this by planting certain trees that are draught proof, for example, the Tipuana or the Desert Palm. Beware that some draught proof trees can have spikes or thorns on them, and won’t be appropriate for young children to play around!

The trees will be needed before you plant anything else as they’ll protect the plants from scorching.

If You Live In A Windy Climate…

Living screens can be used to stop too much wind if you live in a windy climate. Make sure you research the plants that can easily become wind damaged so you aren’t disappointed when they don’t grow properly!

If You Live In A Colder Climate…

Make sure you have thick, dense plantings to protect certain species from frosty weather. Palm trees can sometimes withstand light frosts, and bamboo is a good choice too.

More plants that will withstand light frosts are:

  • Canna lilies
  • Arum lilies
  • Ferns
  • Palm species
  • Large hibiscus plants

You should also make sure you use mulch heavily as this reduces the risk of frost getting to the roots of the plants and killing them.

Just about anyone can create a beautiful looking tropical garden with these tricks and tips!

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