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How to Create the Perfect Garden 2018

Creating the perfect garden can be a challenge, especially in 2018, but with a little planning it can be achieved. There are a lot of things to consider when planning your perfect garden; from how you want it to look to your budget to the level of maintenance you want to get into, we’ll walk you through it all. After reading our brief overview, you can feel prepared to start planning your perfect dream garden.

Make a plan

The very first step in achieving you dream garden is sitting down and planning out what you want. You should first decide on your budget for this project, so you don’t get your hopes up for something you can’t afford. Once you’ve planned out your budget, you can start planning for how you want it to look. How extravagant of a garden are you after? Have you considered what decorations or decorative additions you might like to add like ponds, bench swings, or garden gnomes or statues? What sorts of flowers do you want? How do you want the end project to look?


A nice touch to spruce up any garden is a small pond. It’s truly amazing how much a small pond can do for your garden’s appearance. You can get plants that float on top, need to be submerged, or thrive close to water sources; add fountains or statues; and even add fish or frogs. There are so many options and it adds an elegant touch to your garden. You should make sure it’ll fit in your budget, as well. There are two types of garden ponds: liners and molds. The plastic molds are a little pricier but the effort and hassle they’ll save you are well worth the added expense. With a huge selection of pond liners on the market, it is important to go to a reputable store or supplier.

Choose a place for your garden

Choose wisely where you would like your garden to be. If you opt to not have a pond, there is much less restrictions to adhere to in location, but it’s good to plan out the spot that looks the best in your yard for what you want to do, has the ideal soil, and the ground can support what you’re doing. A simple Google search can tell you all you need to know about garden placement, so be sure to do your research before just jumping in.

Plan out your landscaping

You don’t just want to plant stuff in the moment and hope it’ll come out pretty; you need to plan in advance how you want your garden to look and how you can best achieve it. This means researching the types of plants you want, deciding early on whether you want a path or stone marking off the garden, planning how many statues you’d like and how they’d best work with which plants, and, if you’re interested in a pond, the most level place that can hold the pond, what needs to be surrounding it, etc. There’s a lot to think about before you start planting; be sure you don’t miss a step. See these ideas.

Creating your ideal garden is never easy, especially not in 2018 when there’s so many options and so much information available. It’s best to plan ahead and research what you want to include before jumping into planting. We hope we’ve helped walk you through planning your perfect garden.