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How to Find a Luxury Villa Rental

So you’ve decided that a holiday is in order, but you don’t really know where to start looking. You’re more impressed with private rentals than hotels, and thats why you feel a villa might well be the best option for you – and you’re right! Now you just need to pick your location, and you really can’t go wrong with a luxury villa on the golden mile.

Luxury Villa Rental
You can generally arrange the hire of a villa yourself, but if you’re less confident with the whole process, there are many companies and agencies that can help you out. This can be of considerable benefit because if you rent on your own, without assistance, you get very little legal protection, whereas if you rent through an agency, the buck stops with them.

How To Find A Good Agent

Although you can just browse for an agent on the internet, it is advisable to find your one via a professional referral or even through a first hand recommendation from a friend. This should help ensure that the person you use has good feedback and is certain to find you the holiday dream-home you require. Also, top travel magazines will often feature adverts for agents that they believe to be legitimate, so it might well be worth a drive out to pick up a few copies.

If you do decided to use the internet to find an agent, approach the task with extreme caution. Many websites look as if they’re representing agencies, when in truth they act as mere forums for anyone who wishes to rent out their villa, and so you can’t always guarantee that everything is above board. Some villa websites are run by individuals who only own a single villa, these are probably not your best option because, if the property was perfect, more often than not, a major agency would pick it up, so you open yourself up to the possibility of disappointment – not something you want to experience during a week in the sun.

What Now?

Now you’ve found the perfect agent who really understands your needs, it’s time to start considering which property you’d like to rent. Your agent will undoubtedly provide a huge list of attractive villas, but now it’s up to you to pick the wheat from the chaff and find that perfect location.

Things To Consider

  • Make sure you have a list of pre-written questions to ask your agent about each villa, this can assist you immensely. Not only does this move help you find the ideal property for your holiday, it also gives you a heads up on just how knowledgeable your agent is about his/her villas.
  • Ask how often the villa’s are maintained. You might well find that the property you choose isn’t quite like the one in the photograph.
  • Don’t feel pressured into anything! A good agent will take his time and understand that you need to take yours. If you find yourself on the receiving end of hundreds of phone calls, rushing your decision, just drop the agent because he’s not right for you. A good agent understands that luxury villa rental is a big decision and would never hurry you.
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