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How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Men who pass the age of thirty will find that their natural levels of testosterone start to decline and the effects will become more noticeable as the aging process continues. Testosterone plays a very large role in male sexuality, hair growth and maintaining muscle mass.

The lowering of testosterone levels is due to a number of factors, some of which may be due to taking prescribed drugs that include statins or greater exposure to food, water and environmental pollutants that contain estrogen-mimicking compounds.

In any case, there are simple methods available to boost the levels of testosterone in the body naturally. All of these methods are safe and straightforward in nature which can allow men to boost the levels of testosterone in the body. What follows are some of the more popular means of boosting testosterone levels.

Lose the Fat

Shedding the excess pounds, in particular the fat from the body can provide a significant boost in testosterone levels. You should avoid quick weight loss approaches that normally drain the body of water weight and instead focus on methods that actually reduce the fat levels over a long period of time. This natural, gradual weight loss can result in a significant boosting of the testosterone levels in the body. Generally speaking, effective weight loss can be achieved through proper eating and exercise habits that are engrained into daily habits. Eating clean is essential, you might want to try the keto diet, which provides some great meal plans.

Eat Healthier

Healthy eating means cutting down on the processed sugars, reducing refined carbohydrates and substituting them with vegetables and healthy fats. By consuming carbohydrates in vegetables rather than grains or sugars, you slow the process of their conversion to fats. You will also want to increase the levels of protein to maintain and build muscle mass.

The best way to institute a healthier eating program is to do so gradually over time so that your body can adjust.

Exercise More

Good, high intensity exercises have been shown to boost testosterone levels. The advantage of using this type of exercising program is that it takes a short amount of time each day. You’ll want use proven exercise techniques that range from low to high intensity to shock the body which creates higher levels of testosterone.

Combining weight training with cardio also helps in lowering weight and boosting the levels of testosterone in the body as well. You can try activities such as explained here – this type of activity isn’t for all, but does help to raise testosterone.

Consume More Zinc & Vitamin D

Zinc is an important mineral used in the production of testosterone. Studies have shown that adding zinc to the diet can boost levels of testosterone in men in as little as six weeks time. Add to this by eating a healthy diet and exercising and the levels remain higher for longer periods of time. Zinc also can prevent the temporary reduction of testosterone due to exercise as well.

Vitamin D has been known to boost the levels of testosterone in the body as well as the overall feelings of libido. You can increase Vitamin D levels naturally by spending more time in the sun or by taking inexpensive supplements.

Using these simple methods you can increase your testosterone level and enjoy a healthier, more active lifestyle as you get older.

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