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How to Learn SEO Yourself

You may have already heard of technical things like link building, anchor text, title tags, and onsite and offsite SEO (search engine optimisation). SEO is the art of making sure your website is properly optimised for the search engines to crawl over, and then rank your site at a place they see fit in the page listings for certain keywords. If your SEO is done in the right way, you can get your website to rank highly for certain keywords you want to target (these will be the words your customer types in to a search engine for your site to appear), maybe even on the first page or top spot. Everybody who has a website would like to make it to the top spot or at least the first page, as these are the listings that everyone will click on. People rarely go and search through pages and pages of a search engine’s listings…they get bored! You can hire professionals to do your onsite and offsite SEO for you, however it’s not impossible to teach yourself. Many SEO guys are self taught! Here’s how to learn SEO yourself:

How to Learn SEO Yourself
Find Resources For Beginners

If you have the time and money, then there are loads of training courses you can take that will ensure you go from beginner SEO guy to advanced SEO guy in as little time as possible. However, if you want to do it all by yourself then there are some other resources available to you. SEOMoz’s free Beginner’s Guide To SEO is brilliant and will help to give you a good knowledge of the principles and techniques. There are also plenty of beginners books out there on SEO on online stores such as Amazon. Once you feel comfortable with the techniques and concepts mentioned in these books you can try to find more advanced training resources that will further your knowledge and skills.

Practice On Your Own Sites

You’ll read and learn about many different SEO techniques, but to really get to grips with them you need to put the theories into practice on your own sites. It’s unrealistic to just read about the approaches taken by other SEO guys without trying them out yourself, so you can measure every slight change on your site! As you’re probably already aware, there’s a huge difference between just reading about something and trying it for yourself.

Create A Website

If you don’t have a website, then starting one while you’re learning all about SEO is the perfect time to create one! You don’t have to build a complicated site, or even have any business goals for it to accomplish.

You’ll have to spend a little money to get your site hosted and a domain name, and then you can create your own HTML or WordPress website. You’ll then be able to clearly see how SEO theories and techniques are used! You’ll gain a much deeper understanding of SEO as a whole, and this will make you a much more effective SEO guy in the future!

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