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How To Make Your Kids’ Bedroom The Envy Of Their Friends

We tend to shun the kids’ bedroom as something that’s not all that serious. After all, it’s going to get painted in bright, monochromatic colors and there are going to be toys everywhere.

But there is another way to look at the kids’ bedrooms: they’re the wackiest rooms in the house. And as a result, they’re an opportunity to have fun and go ahead with some crazy ideas you wouldn’t dream of trying anywhere else.

If you’re thinking of giving your kids’ rooms a makeover, this is the post for you. The following are a list of ideas for making your kids’ bedrooms the envy of their friends. Visit Teddy One for some awesome ideas. 

Go Big On Displays

Kids love collecting stuff. And whether your kid is a boy or a girl, it’s likely something has caught their interest over the years. Perhaps they like to collect lego figures. Or maybe they have an interest in comics. Whatever it is, you can dramatically up the impact whenever their friends enter the room by making a display.

Right now you can actually buy lego shelving. This is helpful if you want to arrange lego figurines along a wall because each one is fixed in position. For comic books, you can experiment with wall shelving that shows off each individual comic. The trick here is to make sure that everything is visible, increasing the visual impact.

Install Foam Chairs

Bean bags are so last year. They’re dull and don’t last very long, especially in the kids’ bedrooms.

The latest trend is polyurethane chairs. These chairs look a bit like regular chairs but behave like bean bags, except they don’t wear out anything like as fast.

Companies, like Comfy Sacks, are driving this trend. You can learn about their chairs here. The idea is to produce chairs that actually retain their comfort rating over the long term – and their shape. But for kids, they’re just downright fun and the perfect place to read a book or play music.

Minecraft Table

Minecraft is all the rage right now. It’s a computer game where kids and adult alike get to construct their own virtual worlds. In these worlds, they can do whatever they want and create all sorts of rules for fun and varied games.

Bringing Minecraft out of the virtual world and into the physical world might seem like a daunting task. But it’s actually quite simple. Why not make your own DIY Minecraft desk to go in your kid’s’ bedroom? Their friends will look upon this apparition of their favourite video game in awe. And, because the colours are so wacky, they won’t look out of place.

Loft Bed

Most kids like to sleep on the top bunk. It’s like having their own castle from which to observe and rally the troops. But cooler than sleeping on the top bunk is having your own loft bed, complete with ladder and slide.

Your kids’ friends will look upon your child with envy, as they’re able to slide effortlessly out of bed in the morning. And, if that means that they get up on time, you’ll be the envy of their parents too.

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