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How To Pick The Perfect Commercial Freezer For Your Business

There are many businesses that have a need for commercial refrigeration and freezer equipment. For example, restaurants, hotels, take-away food vendors and even your local fishmongers will have a need for a variety of different equipment.

One of the most widely-used types of kitchen equipment are commercial freezers. They enable establishments to store a large volume of food for long periods of time, and they make it possible to increase their profitability because they can buy any freezable food in bulk.Commercial Freezer

If you have a need for a commercial freezer, you will have doubtless seen that there is a vast amount of choice depending on your needs and budget. But how do you know which commercial freezer is the right one for you? This handy guide will walk you through the different options, so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Upright freezers

These types of commercial freezer look similar in appearance to the standard fridge-freezers that you see in people’s homes, except that both sides of the unit are freezers! Upright freezers are available in a plethora of different sizes, and with single or double-door options, so you can easily find one that will fit into your kitchen.

Chest freezers

If you run a small restaurant or cafe, a chest freezer might be the best option for you. Commercial chest freezers are perfect for situations where you need to stack and store large quantities of food that are roughly the size shape and volume. A lot of householders with large families also have commercial chest freezers in their home, believe it or not.

Walk-in freezers

According to, walk-in freezers are more suited to larger commercial kitchens than smaller ones. They are ideal for storing items that don’t need to be hard-frozen, such as ice cream and other desserts, and they also contain compartments for storing cuts of meat.

Many large kitchens that have walk-in freezers also wheel in stainless-steel racks with prepared foods on them, making it easier to take them out as and when they are required.

Counter and under-counter freezers

Sometimes there are going to be occasions where you are extremely limited by the amount of space you’ve got in your kitchen or food preparation area. In such scenarios, many food vendors opt for counter and under-counter freezers.

Not only are these types of freezer quite versatile, but they are really useful for when you need constant access to the freezer contents without having to constantly walk back and forth to retrieve and store them.

Blast chillers

If you need to cool food down very quickly to a low temperature for the purposes of minimising any bacterial growth, a blast chiller is for you. Because bacteria grows quickly when the temperature is between 8 degrees and 68 degrees Celsius, it is important to cool any easily-spoilt food down as fast as possible.

Blast chillers can cool down any cooked food to a temperature of 3 degrees Celsius or less within an hour and a half, after which time the food can be moved to a storage freezer.

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