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How To Plan A Great British Road Trip The Smart Way

People go on road trips for all kinds of reasons. Some do it out of spontaneity while others do so as a planned exercise. But what can turn a phenomenal road trip into a disaster is a lack of proper planning. Being spontaneous is one thing. Wasting time and money is another.

That’s why if you are planning a Great British adventure on the road, it pays to do it right. Granted there are plenty of guides on the Web that can tell you what you need to know.

But if you want to do it the smart way, this is the guide for you!



Choose the best car for your road trip

It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling by yourself or with a bunch of other people. What does matter is that you’ve got the best car for your journeys on the road. After all; the last thing you want to do is travel in an uncomfortable vehicle. Or one that breaks down a lot for that matter!

If you are planning on taking in the sights and scenery around the UK, I recommend getting a mid-sized car like a Ford Mondeo or Honda Accord. Such models offer plenty of legroom and creature comforts.

Of course, those two models might not be to your liking. Whenever I need a new car, I spend my time looking at websites like for ideas of makes and models. In fact, my current car is one that I never thought of getting until I looked at some online adverts for the model!

Plot your itinerary

Unless you’ve nothing better to do with your time, it’s likely you will only have a limited amount of time on your road trip. That’s why you need to create an itinerary so that you can visit as many places as possible in a realistic timescale.

I recommend that you open a couple of web browser windows. The first should be to the Google Maps website. The other should be ideas for landmarks or points of interest at certain locations. That way, you can calculate how long it will take you to complete each leg of your journey.

You should also locate the best deals for accommodation in the areas that you are visiting. What you don’t want to do is rush your road trip and end up exhausted because you’ve done too much in one day!

The great thing about Google Maps is that you can save maps that you’ve created to your Google account. You can then access those maps on the go using your smartphone. Some sat-nav devices will let you import those maps. Pretty cool, huh?

Take plenty of supplies

My last piece of advice for you today is to stock up on supplies for your road trip. Apart from taking essentials like clothes and toiletries, you will also need a select of foods and drinks for your journeys.

Taking your own food and drink saves on dining costs at expensive motorway service stations, for example. And what you have will taste better too! You can always create picnics out of the food and drink you’ve got. Perfect for when you want to enjoy a rest from driving but want to avoid going to motorway services!

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