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How To Plan A Hassle-free Trip To Russia

Once Christmas is over and done with, most UK residents will start planning their summer holiday, but those who fancy something a little different may have trouble selecting the perfect location. Though you might not think it, because of the sheer size of this nation, Russia is actually a pretty cool place to go. News outlets tend to depict it as a cold and desolate place, but this simply isn’t true. Sure there are some areas that experience a harsh climate, but the majority of the country is much closer to the equator than anywhere in the British Isles, and so the weather can seem quite pleasant, especially for those who don’t particularly enjoy hot, seaside destinations.

Anyway, you’ve come here because you want to know how to plan your trip, right? Well, luckily I spent a couple of weeks in the former U.S.S.R a couple of years ago, so I know exactly which route you should take. It’s certainly true that arranging a visit to this place is a little different from booking two weeks in Benidorm, but it’s not as complex as some people might think.

Applying For A Visa

Anyone wishing to travel to Russia from outside the Commonwealth of Independant States, must apply for a visa before they’re allowed to gain entry. This is a simple process, the majority of which can be done online or by taking a trip to their embassy in London. Luckily, you’ll only need a 30 day tourist visa, and these are much easier to obtain than any other kind.

Receiving An Invitation

Once the visa application has been filed, you’ll need to play the waiting game for a while until the embassy get in touch. Unless you’ve got a particularly bad criminal record, you should receive and invitation within a month or so. From the day this comes into force, you are allowed to fly into Russia.

Finding Accommodation

As with booking hotels or apartments in any country, you’ll be able to find hundreds of different travel agents online offering great deals. Even so, just the save you the hassle of doing your own research, I can categorically state that are the best providers on the market. I used their website to book my own hotel and was very impressed with the selection.

Getting Around

Russia’s bus and rail network is far superior to our own, so you’ll have no trouble using public transport if you so wish. Contrary to popular belief, the residents of this country are very welcoming and have never been anything but kind and courteous to both myself and everyone else I’ve ever spoken to who’s taken a trip there.

So, now you’ve read the lowdown and you know exactly how to go about arranging a problem-free jaunt to the largest country on earth, what’s stopping you setting the wheels in motion? If you really want to create memories that will last for a lifetime, there’s no better destination than this soviet wonderland.

I hope you have a fantastic time!

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