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How to Plan and Arrange Staff Team Building Activities

Companies like to use team building activities for a variety of different reasons. Maybe you want to help your workforce improve their communication, boost your team’s morale, motivate them to continue working hard, or something else altogether. Whatever the reason is for wanting to do a team building activity, there will be something out there to help you. All sizes of business can benefit from team building, as having a team that can work together effectively is a big part of a company’s success. Here’s how to plan and arrange staff team building activities:

The 4 Main Types Of Team Building

There are 4 main types of team building activities. These are:

  • Communication.
  • Problem solving/decision making.
  • Planning.
  • Trust building.

The main objective of team building activities is to take part in activities that are both challenging and fun, but yet still build team skills without almost anybody even realising. These skills can greatly help to improve employee performance in the workplace! Making sure you arrange team building activities at least once every few months will keep your staff working well together.

Here’s an example of a few types of team building activities:

Communication – Two Truths And A Lie

On a small piece of paper, ask your employees to write down two truths and one lie about themselves on a piece of paper (to make this game more effective the lie should be quite believable). Make sure nobody reveals what they’ve written down!

Once they’ve done this you let them have about 10/15 minutes of regular conversation to try to work out what’s the truth and what’s a lie. Everyone should try to say things that will make them believe their lie is the truth, while guessing everyone elses truths and lies at the same time. Make sure nobody reveals ANYTHING about what they’ve written down and what is a truth or lie before you tell them to. Once the time is up you can get everyone to read out their truths/lies and tell other staff to vote on which is which. This activity improves communication and helps a team get to know each other better.

Problem Solving – Picture Pieces

The leader of this game (you) should prepare by choosing a well known picture, such as a painting, or cartoon character/scene that has a fair bit of detail. Print out the picture and cut as many squares as there are members of the team. Give everyone a piece of the puzzle and instruct them draw an exact copy of their piece 5 times the size it is now! The problem they face is not knowing how their work will affect the bigger picture. You can give them felt tips, pencils, rulers, erasers, anything to make it easier for them to recreate.

When everybody is finished, get them to put their picture together on a table. This will teach staff how to work effectively in a team and also demonstrates how people working in separate departments can contribute to the overall “bigger picture” and group result.

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