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How to Plan Your First Motorbike Buy

There is something inherently cool about the motorcycle. It’s undeniable. You have to work pretty hard to not look cool when you’re driving down an open road on a motorbike. So, if you dream of looking like the king of cool himself, James Dean, then a motorbike might be for you.


There’s a lot to think about when you make your purchase though. It’s not easy, as there are so many options. So if you’re a novice and don’t really know where to start, this guide will provide you some much-needed information.

Lessons & Tests

The same as with most vehicles, you’ll need to pass a theory and practical test before you get your license. Lessons are, of course, available beforehand, but when you’re ready, book your theory test online with DVLA. Then when that’s done, get your practical test out of the way.

Don’t take your tests until you feel sure that you’re likely to pass. You’ll be wasting money if you have to take test after test. There’s no need to rush.

What Type of Bike Do You Want?

You’ve passed your test, and you’re eager to hit the road. But you’re going to need a bike before you can do that. Style and image will play a big part in your decision-making process. The look and colour of your bike will be entirely up to you, but there more functional issues to think about too.

Think about the height and weight of the bike and how that’ll affect your driving. I wouldn’t recommend getting a bike that’s too tall or heavy as, for a beginner, this might be a little bit overwhelming.

New or Used?

As with buying any vehicle, you’re going to have to face the age old dilemma of ‘new or used’. There are arguments on both sides and in the end it will be down to you and what you feel most comfortable with.

Personally, I think used is best for new drivers. You can always upgrade to something better later, but for a first bike, get something relatively cheap and unflashy. If you do buy new, you’ll face the issue of depreciation. This is the rapid loss of value the bike will suffer. Be aware of that before deciding.

Try Before you Buy

If you’re buying a used bike from a forecourt, always make sure you take it for a ride before you commit to buying it. This is even more important than with cars. You can’t get any real feel for a bike until you’re driving.

And remember, when you’re on the forecourt, make sure the bike you’re buying is suitable for your usage needs and make sure you have a secure place to store it.

Get Insured

You can’t drive on the road until you’re fully insured. Insurance will protect you from any damage your bike suffers. Insurance can be expensive so make sure you’ve factored it into your budget, and shop around for the best deal! If you’re young, you should look for policies tailored especially for young people to make sure you cut down on the cost as much as possible.

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