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How to Protect your Business from Theft

It’s just common sense that you protect your home and possessions from theft, so if you run a business it’s just as important you protect that too. All sized business, from small shops to massive enterprises take a number of steps to protect their premises and business. The situation can change in many cases though, for example, a small shop is probably going to have everything to do with the business inside, but a larger business may have things spread out across numerous locations. This changes the security measures to take but the importance of it is always the same. Here are some essential ways you can protect your business from theft:

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Have Effective Locks Installed

No matter what the nature of your establishment, whether it’s a shop, a nightclub, or an office, you should have effective locks that give the required amount of protection. It’s definitely worth the hassle of having locks fitted that are at a higher standard than usual. Look at the financial difference between standard locks and more effective locks as an investment!

Use Safes and Cash Registers

A safe isn’t just something used in a film. Nobody wants to leave money lying around, so a safe is always the best idea to keep it safe and away from sneaky thieves. You can buy a variety of different safes with different locking mechanisms, so you can find the perfect option for storing money on your business premises.

Cash registers are also standard procedure, especially if you own a shop of some kind. Cash registers have the added benefit of stopping your staff from stealing from you – although hopefully you hired trustworthy people!

Install CCTV

CCTV is one of the most common security measures that businesses take these days, as it’s very effective in scaring off thieves and catching criminals should anything happen. You’ll be able to watch the CCTV even if you’re not at the premises at the time by monitoring locations remotely using the internet!

Install Shutters

Shutters aren’t an option for every kind of business, but if you do have the facilities needed to install shutters once the building has been locked up then it’s highly recommended you go ahead and take this precaution. You’ll need planning permission for this first though, so make sure you contact the correct local authority.

Install A Working Security Alarm

A security alarm on your premises really is essential, as if you’re not there the police and your neighbours will be alerted that something is wrong. If you have good building site security solutions in place, thieves are much less likely to try to steal from you.

Have Good Lighting

Good lighting around your premises entry points will deter a thief as a passer by could see them more clearly, not to mention CCTV. Also keep a few lights lit on the inside of your premises so that if a thief does break in, they’ll be seen easily from the outside.

Protecting your business from theft is so important, so make sure you properly safeguard everything with the tips above!

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