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How to Reduce and Get Rid of Wrinkles

It can sometimes be disheartening when you look in the mirror day after day and see a face that appears to be much older than the person you feel inside. Wrinkles are the main indication of the human ageing process and we all know that they can sometimes get you down.

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Never fear, modern advancements in skin care products and a slice of good old common sense are certain to help you reduce those crows-feet in no time.

Stay Out Of The Sun

Sunlight is a major contributing factor to saggy skin. Try wearing a hat when outdoors and making sure your body is fully covered. Also, stay well away from sunbeds and tanning shops as these treatments are even worse, and could leave you looking much older than you desire. Suncream is also a valuable resource and should be used regularly.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is generally considered to be a prime cause of loose skin and wrinkles. Tobacco smoke removes much needed nutrients from your body whilst also decreasing your oxygen levels which are essential to maintain a young and healthy complexion. Everyone knows stopping is difficult, but there is a lot of help on offer nowadays, and a trip to see your family doctor should let you know about support groups in your area and educate you on modern options like patches and gum.

Put Your Shades On

You have a very thin and delicate layer of skin around your eyes and this is easily damaged by excess sunlight, causing the problem we refer to as crows-feet. Simply wearing sunglasses when near windows or outside can dramatically reduce the effects on this sensitive area.

Get A Facial

Unquestionably, In modern times the most popular form of wrinkle reduction is a nice, relaxing, facial. This can be performed either by yourself, using products like specially formulated moisturizers or by a professional who may use high end products like triniti, because it is well known that  triniti improves skin texture considerably.

Sleeping Face Up

This might sound rather odd, but lying with your face against a pillow can cause sleep lines that are known to evolve into wrinkles over time. It is also suggested by industry leaders that satin pillows are less likely to cause saggy skin, so take a trip out and pick some up from your local bedding store.

Don’t Stress

The number one cause of wrinkles is stress. It might be something to do with work, playing on your mind, or it could even be a few small family problems. The important thing to remember is that, generally there is very little you can do about many of the issues that play on your mind, so learn to relax and forget about your problems as much as possible – this will make a huge difference to both the quality and radiance of your skin. If you are a particularly highly strung individual, try taking up Yoga or even just take the time to meditate at home for a few minutes everyday, then your life, and look, is certain to show signs of improvement.

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