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How To Save Money On Car Rentals

Renting a car can be overwhelming for many people; there are so many choices and more than enough huge price tags out there to make the task of searching for a renting a car a little daunting! While there is certainly a huge range of super-nice cars available for rental, it can be all too easy to get stung when it comes for payment and added extras.

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Let’s take a look at a few key things to keep in mind while renting a car, and how you can avoid breaking the bank when paying the bill!

Price Rises

While car rental has never been a particularly cheap act, prices have risen significantly both in the UK and overseas in the last 5 years. This is mostly due to the elimination of discounts given to car rental companies by car manufacturers, and the steady rise in insurance costs that have to be covered in the car rental company’s income.

This is important to understand for anyone who may have rented car’s over five years ago, but not since. While the prices may seem significantly higher that what you were expecting, it may not necessarily mean the company is overcharging.

Package Deals

Commonly people rent cars when travelling abroad, be it for business, pleasure or otherwise. A great way to reduce the overall cost of your trip is to book a package deal and include the rental car in the cost of your airline ticket if possible; more often than not, you can make good savings on the car. You may be amazed at just how money this method can save you over time if you are a regular traveller and renter of cars!

Take Advantage of Price Fluctuations

There are many reasons prices fluctuate over time, be it the availability of cars or your driver’s details. If you make your rental car booking far in advance, a great way to shave off extra cost is to continually check the cost of the booking at a later date, if you find the cost of renting the exact same car on your chosen date has lowered, cancel the original booking and make the booking again. You could save a bundle!

Prepaid Gas

In most cases, your chosen rental company will offer for you to pay a single fee to cover the whole tank of petrol, instead of you returning the vehicle with a full tank yourself. This is rarely a good option, as it’s quite unlikely you’re going to use a full tank of gas, and even if you do, you’ll have to cover the cost when you next fill it up.

Size of Vehicle

Always rent the smallest car that your testosterone will allow! Once you get to the rental counter, request an upgrade, often it will be less expensive to upgrade compared to getting paying the full fee upfront, and there will be other times when all of the smaller cars are unavailable (due to other renters opting for a cheaper vehicle) so you could get an upgrade for free!

So there we have some hugely simple yet useful tips on saving money when it comes to car rental. Remember to plan far in advance and don’t over insure your rental car, it’s possible that your own insurance policy already covers you! If you need a motoring solicitor, look here

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