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How to Save Money On Your Weekly Food Shop

The weekly food shop is something we all have to do to survive, however; it’s hard to save money when certain supermarkets are doing all they can to make us spend more and more with them. If you feel as if you’re spending too much cash every week on your food, then it looks as if you could use our help! The average family throws away around £60 worth of perfectly good food every month, so here’s how you can save money on your weekly food shop:

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Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals is a much better idea than simply strolling into the supermarket and buying things willy nilly – that’s how food gets wasted! By planning your meals you’ll avoid impulse buys, you’re more likely to eat healthier, and you know you’ve got everything you need for the week ahead. You could even shop online and get your stuff delivered to avoid being tempted by food you don’t need.

Try Cheaper Brands

Buying supermarkets own brands can sometimes be a great way to save money, not only food but with cleaning products and other essentials too. Buy own brand toilet roll, kitchen roll, tin foil – the lot! You won’t believe how much money you end up saving over the course of a month.

Don’t Go Shopping When You’re Hungry

You might have heard this one before, but it’s a great tip. If you go shopping when you’re hungry, you’re more likely to buy rubbish and extra food you don’t need. Always go shopping after you’ve eaten to stick to the plan you’ve made and avoid getting tempted by sugary snacks and crisps.

Shop Around

It’s easier to do your shopping in one place, but it definitely isn’t cheaper. You should shop around a few different places to get the best deals and save on your food. Why not take a look at the local butchers? Or perhaps the grocers? Aldi and Lidl offer good value items, however; they probably won’t have everything you need. Also sign up for any loyalty scheme a supermarket has, such as a Tesco Clubcard.

Look Out for Shrinking Products

Products are getting smaller, but you need to watch out for the sneaky brands who are making their products smaller and then charging more for them!

Keep Coupons and Search for Codes

Some supermarkets might send you coupons if you haven’t shopped with them for a while, so save them up. You can also save up vouchers from the likes of Tesco Clubcard to go shopping with when you’re ready. If you’re shopping online, be smart and search for promo codes first!

Keep an Eye on Your Fridge

Apparently, 70% of the UK have their fridge on the wrong temperature setting. Make sure your fridge is between 0-5 degrees celsius to make the most of your food. You should also make note of the best before/use by dates on your food so you can use them before they go off.

The money you save from following the tips above will soon mount up – try them and see!

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