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How To Stay On The Right Side Of Traffic Laws

Traffic laws have a way of catching us out. Even the best of us have found ourselves with a parking ticket or a speeding violation. When you drive a car every day, it’s easy to become complacent. It only takes a second to drift over the speed limit, for example. One small lapse in concentration can land you in trouble. All of a sudden the blue lights are chasing you and you’re hit with a large fine.

Most motoring offences are all in the same category. When the police pull people over, it is almost always for minor offences. The most important thing you can do is avoid these minor offences. We’ll show you how. In most cases, you simply need a reminder of the road laws. Laws change and as drivers, we often aren’t aware of that. If you are pulled over, you leave yourself open to other problems. Avoid all of this with the following advice.

Keep your car well serviced

Speeding is the most common cause for the police stopping your car. Second to speeding is a defect charge. A defect charge is when there is a problem with your car visible to the police. In most cases it is a broken tail light. It could also be a tyre running close to flat or an oil leak trailing your car. When the police stop you, they’ll demand that you get it fixed. They’ll also ask to see your license and registration. Depending on the problem, you could be fined. It could lead to more prosecutions if you don’t have insurance. Avoid all of this by keeping your car in good condition.

Keep your insurance up to date

Driving without insurance comes with a heavy price. It is illegal to drive without insurance and the risk is simply not worth it. Driving without insurance comes with its own fine of around $500. Couple that with a speeding charge or erratic driving conviction and you’re in much bigger trouble.

Re-learn the basics

If you’re caught by traffic police, you could require legal services from Just Motor Law Solicitors. Simply re-learning the basic traffic laws can help you avoid this. It may have been years since you took your driving test. Laws change and people forget. Remind yourself of the speed limits and the road signs. You’ll be surprised at the illegality of certain actions.

Drive safely

There is no better advice than ‘drive safely’. As we have explained, most traffic violations are minor. Police will pull you over for minor speeding offences, for failing to indicate or talking on the phone. It is these offences that open up bigger problems. The points on your license build up too. It only takes three or four of these small offences to lose your license. Stick to the speed limit, stay off the phone and drive responsibly.

This is all very simple advice. Yet it is all information that we tend to forget over time. We drive our cars every day and it’s natural to be complacent. Just remember to take a little extra care and attention and you’ll stay on the right side of the law.

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