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How To Turn Your Garden Into A Mediterranean Paradise

Now the summer is here, it is time to get to work on your back garden. It it easy for you to maintain this year or are you starting with a blank canvas? Those who have moved into a new home or one with a derelict garden have a golden opportunity to create something special out there that other people will envy.

Mediterranean garden

You are in the lucky position of being able to install a garden from most places in the world and we are taking a look here, at how to create a paradise suitable for a Mediterranean villa, right in your own backyard.

The Big Feature

Of course, all Mediterranean settings deserve a swimming pool. The pool is often a deciding factor on whether to rent a villa or not. It must be fitted to a very high standard as shoddy work is money wasted and will impact the rest of the garden.

Here  is the building process you should expect to go through during the construction of a sunken pool.

  • A detailed survey is carried out on your land to make sure it is suitable for a pool installation.

  • Services such as gas, electricity, water, and sewage will be moved if they run through the area of the pool. The builders are able to do some of the work but for gas and electricity supplies in particular, it is up to the utility company to move them at a very high cost to you. Waiting on these companies will delay construction work, or maybe the builders will find a way to work around them temporarily.

  • The builders will excavate a hole for the pool. Now you see the scale of the project at last.

  • A concrete slab forms the base of the pool.

  • Wooden formers are put into place and concrete is poured into them to form the walls. The builders leave holes in the concrete to install pipework later.

  • Work begins on tiling the pool.

  • Filtration and pumping systems are completed/

  • Because we are in an unreliable climate, fitting a cover is a good idea. There is a good range of swimming pool enclosures available online that are cheap and stylish.


There are some Mediterranean plants that will grow here, but they need to be planted early on in the spring so they will establish themselves before the onset of winter. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Mimosa

  • Panicum (grass)

  • Miscanthus (grass)

  • Lavandar

  • Salvias

  • Hebes

  • Cistus

Tree ferns are the closest thing to palm trees that will grow over here. They give instant maturity to the garden but must be protected over the winter by wrapping them in straw and sack cloth to save them from frosts and sub zero temperatures. There is no need to plant them deep as they take water in through the trunk of the tree and not through root systems.

All of those plants will work well in your setting.


All gardens need a place to relax and entertain so a natural stone patio area with some designer garden furniture will serve you well for eating and dining in the sun or on balmy evenings.

All that is needed to complete your setting is hot weather. As I look out the window it appears that today is going to be perfect for a day in the Med.

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