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Did You Know Smart Landscaping Can Boost Your Kerb Appeal?

If you’ve ever seen a home featured in a magazine or on a website, you’ll have noticed something: the landscaping is impeccable. The reason for this is that smart landscaping adds enormous interest to homes. Homes that have multi-levelled lawns, water features and beautiful shrubs garner a lot more attention than those that don’t, even if the house itself is exactly the same.

Take a look at some of these landscaping ideas to boost your home’s kerb appeal.

Go Evergreen


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Flowery gardens and fruits trees are great additions to any homes, but they’re only on show for half the year. What are you supposed to do for the other half? According to Rich Cording, a landscape designer, those who want to add kerb appeal to their homes should go down the evergreen route, planting evergreen shrubs and trees along their drives and to mark out the boundaries of their plots. Evergreen, says Cording, gives homes an aesthetic appeal by softening harsh vertical lines, making the home itself more inviting.

Connect Points Of Interest With A Walkway



How many times have you been to a home where the only path through the garden is a trampled piece of grass? Too many times, no doubt. It doesn’t look good, and it can end up making your garden look scruffy, especially if you are making regular trips between the shed and the BBQ according to

All of the best-landscaped gardens solve this problem by creating beautiful walkways. Craig Trenary, a landscaper from Minnesota, suggests making a pathway that links different features in the garden, using a material that is native to the area in which you live. He also recommends using a striking material to line the path, like brick or stone, as this will help make the path blend in with the rest of your home.

Use Natural Undulations To Your Advantage



Undulations and banks of soil can seem like a disadvantage, but they’re actually a landscaper’s dream. There’s nothing like having a dining or sitting area in the garden, naturally secluded by a mound held back by a retaining wall. Companies such as can install retaining walls that help you avoid being overlooked by neighbours. These features immediately add value and interest to your home and help turn your outdoor areas into somewhere worth spending time.

Go Rustic

Trenary is also a big fan of the rustic look, depending on where you live. Having a rustic look conjured up romantic images of the past where every house and a split rail wood fence. He suggests mixing and matching different elements to get the look that you want.

Contrast Curved And Straight Lines

Landscapers often add edging to driveways and house foundations to make them appear less straight. Curves, Cording says, help to add appeal and character which be lacking when all lines are straight. He says he likes to create long, serpentine edges that permanently enhance the appearance of the landscape all year long. The features are often subtle, he says, but also very attractive.