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Maxmize Space And Boost Your Home Value With A Loft Conversion

What are you currently using your loft for? We imagine, like many other people, your loft is primarily a space to store things that don’t fit in the house. Or, it might just have become a place where you keep things that you can’t get rid of such as old baby toys. You know that you’re never going to use them, but there’s still an attachment there that you can’t quite shake. We think it’s time that you had a proper clear out. Don’t worry we’re not saying that you have to throw everything away. Instead, you can get rid of the junk and put what you want to keep in storage. There are plenty of storage solutions online that are cost effective and secure. Once you have done this, you’ll be left with a wide open space ready to be used any way you like. We think that the perfect option is a loft conversion. You can transform your old boring attic into an awesome new bedroom. Let’s look at how to do this.

home loft conversion

Make It Practical

First, we need to think about making your loft a practical possibility for a new bedroom. This essentially means that it needs to be livable. A loft isn’t designed in the same way as the rest of your home. There won’t be any heating up there and insulation above the floor will probably be quite poor. That’s why your first job is to add some extra insulation. This is so simple with hot, wet, and PUR insulation glue that is easy to install, set and use. Once you have done this and the insulation has been installed you will immediately see a difference. But you might have noticed another problem, and that’s the floor. You’ll need to purchase some wooden tiles for your loft and then carpet over it. Again, carpeting will give you a little more insulation and make sure whoever stays up there doesn’t sound like an elephant plodding around.

Depending on the design of your loft, you might need to bring in an expert construction team. You need to think about how much headspace you have up there. If it’s quite a low loft you will have to expand it and you can’t do this by yourself. Be aware that by doing this you will have to ask for planning permission. This is usually true even if you are just building up.

Light It Up

You have two choices lighting your loft. Either you can get artificial lighting and plenty of it. Or, you can work to have windows installed. At the very least, we think a loft conversion is the perfect reason to get a skylight. Just imagine how wonderful it will be to lie in bed and be able to stare up at the stars in the night sky. Again, if you are adding lighting it’s worth hiring the help of a skilled electrician. Connecting a new area of your home to the main lines can be quite tricky.

To keep things simple we would recommend that you don’t bother looking into adding additional plumbing up there. This will over complicate the job and drive the price right up.

Once you have finished these steps, you will have the foundations of a typical home room. You can now decorate it however you like and make it the piece de resistance of your property.

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