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Most people see advertisements and sign-boards related to companies that are buying houses. However, for most you, the meaning of the same is still unclear. This may be because most of the people have heard about real estate agents and some of the times might have hired one for selling their house. Therefore, that is the reason why this mode is the popular mode in the real estate world. However, popular does not mean convenient and the best, does it?

There are other options too that you might not have explored until now and which in return may give you the benefits your house and you deserve. Usually, any cash house buyer company will try to give you the following benefits:

  • They have all the cash ready and want to pay you the lump sum amount
  • They try to close the deal as soon as possible
  • There are no middlemen like agents, therefore, no commission charged

The house sometimes need the required repairs, however, the owners are not willing to spend time and energy in doing so. Also, the owner wants a price that fits with the house and that is why he does not want to list it in the open market. In most cases, the owner needs to close the deal quickly, therefore, he prefers a house buying company over an agent.

But, this does not mean all house buying companies suit your requirements. Here are three methods that generally people pick for selling their house.

  • Selling as it is with the help of a real estate agent:

An agent will help you in understanding the price of your house in the open market when it is listed without any upgrade or repairs. He never tries to keep the stakes high, in fact, he will let you compare all the prices of the houses that are selling like hotcakes and then accordingly, he will tag a price to your house. Once an offer price has been decided, all the other expenses are subtracted from it like the commission, closing cost etc. Finally, the net price is calculated and tagged with the house.

  • Directly selling to a house buying company:

This method is a cash-based method of selling a house quickly. Under this method, no deductions such as commission, closing cost, holding cost are made. The offer price is the net price of the house. In fact, you will be amazed to know; companies that buy houses incur repair and maintenance cost on your behalf. In this case, the net price which is also the offer price will totally depend on the condition of the house.

  • After repairing the house, selling it with the help of an agent:

Now, this method does increase your offer price as you have listed a house after doing all the repairs. Again, from the offer price deductions are made, holding cost, agent’s commission, and closing cost and the net price will be generated then. If you have all the time, money, and energy to get the renovation done all by yourself then this method is a great one.

Henceforth, Choose Wisely!

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