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Planning A Campervan Conversion? Make Sure You Install The Essentials First!

Campervans are an excellent way to go on holiday both in the UK and abroad. You don’t have to pay for any expensive flights or hotel accommodation, and you can literally come and go as you please.

These are just some of the reasons why campervan holidays have grown in popularity so much over recent years, especially during the early part of the 21st century when the global economic crisis reared its ugly head on the world and caused financial misery for millions of people.

But even though campervans are cheaper than ‘traditional’ forms of holidaying, the hire or even purchase of a campervan can be somewhat exorbitant! However, many people prefer to go down the DIY route and build their own campervans.

If you are planning to, or are in the middle of, doing your own DIY campervan conversion, you will doubtless have an idea of the tools and materials you need to get the job done. But what some people don’t really put much thought into during the build stages is what essential appliances, facilities and equipment to install.

Obviously you are going to be limited by the amount of space available within your van, but there are certain things which every campervan should really have. Here is a walkthrough on some of the most-common items.

Heating Systems

Most people tend to go on a campervan adventure during the warmer months of the year, but even though the weather might be really warm during the day, at night it can prove to be extremely cold, especially if you are in a campervan (and much worse if you are sleeping in a tent, but hey, that’s why you have a campervan)!

Vans will only have basic heating at the front cab, and nothing at the back – where you will be spending most of your time. Companies such as Butler Technik sell 12v heating kits such as the well-known Eberspacher Airtronic, and it’s easy to incorporate them during the build stages of your campervan conversion.


Let’s face it; there’s only so much Scrabble and Monopoly that you can play when you’re all sitting inside of your campervan before you get bored! When designing your conversion, you should incorporate an entertainment system inside the back of your van so that you and your co-inhabitants will be able to listen to the radio, play music or watch TV.

Virtually anything you can buy for a car can be used in your conversion, such as single and double-DIN head units, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and you can easily adapt flat-screen LCD TVs for automotive use, and mount them on extendable arms so they can be viewed from any angle.

Cooking and Cleaning

All campervans should have some basic cooking and cleaning facilities. If you’ve got the space, consider fitting a small 12v fridge to keep your food and drink cool and fresh!


Vans don’t have any soundproofing whatsoever, so you will need to install some suitable soundproofing material before you cover the panels, roof and floor of your van with carpet, vinyl or wood.

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