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How To Select The Best Haircut (for men) 2018

The New Year is here, and lots of predictions are already flying around in the fashion world. For the Gents, this is another perfect time to try out something new. Get that look that will change our style and upgrade your fashion game. Getting a new haircut is the fastest way to look different.

Different hairstyles stole the show last year. Short haircuts were trendy, especially with the corporate going guys.  You will find lots of Hairdressers Warrington doing most of the classical haircuts that are very impressive. The graduated plus tapered cuts had a breakthrough last year. With lots of guys showing off the free flow movements of their hair with nice fades.

But as we start off the New Year, some hairstyles will make the difference this time. Here are some of the hairstyles tipped to be the best haircuts of 2018: 

Thick Hair Classics

The classic short haircut is just the right style for guys with thick dark hair. The faded sides and extended top cut gives you that straight face that suits any beard style.

Modern Pompadour with Low Fade

You can combine the pomp trade comb lines with wavy texture and natural finish to get something classy.

Skin Fade with Angular Parts

The buzz haircuts have been around for a while. Getting a buzz with a fade is very stylish; you can also customize your looks by adding a shaved part.

Short Haircut Textured with Beards

Lots of men are going to opt for the textured styling this year. There is a lot you can do with a long hair. So having a high haircut with cool fade will be a standard option.

Natural Curls with Beards and Tapers

Have you a curly hair? This is just the haircut for you. This hairstyle is easy to wear. The low fade and line up add more shine to the kinky curly hair.

Classic Slicked Back Men’s Haircut

The classic gentleman’s haircut can only get better. You just need to add more texture by using a nice matte product.

Mid Fade Haircut for Gents

Don’t cut that long hair! Try out the textured sweep back hair. This style is so sleek; you will love how your hair will be textured and swept to the back.

Cool Men’s Haircut with Natural Flow

The natural flow is a significant update of the slicked-back hair. You can just throw in a smooth styling. This will clean up the flow and movement with an enhanced natural wave.

Waves and Tapers

This is one of the coolest hairstyles among young men. The taper fade features a shaped beard, misty fade at the sideburns and cute line up on the forehead.

Lose Curls with Low Fade Haircut

If you have curly hair and don’t want to try out the natural curls, you can go for the loose curls. Combine the loose curls with a full texture on top and faded sides to get this cool hairstyle.

Temple Fade Hair and Beard Design

This is common among the beard gang. You can make your beard look like a neat extension of your hair with this style.

Pompadour Fade with Side Part

This is a modern version of the pompadour haircuts, and it can only get better. This version has a clean comb over with a mid-bald fade and side part.

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