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How To Track Employee Phones with Cell Phone Tracker

One big problem in the day and age of smartphones is that it’s hard for employers to keep track of everything their employees are engaged in at all times. It only takes a moment or two to send or receive a text, check a social media site or other normal website, or even check out a funny video or clip. It’s hard for employers to keep their employees in check when it comes to their phones and how to make sure their workforce doesn’t spend too much time on them during work time. So, what can help? The cell phone tracker, Hoverwatch.

There are some key features that Hoverwatch has for tracking smartphones in a variety of key manners. Which very much can help employers who have a workforce under them. Let’s look at a few of those.

Track Employee Phones

GPS tracker: You won’t have to wonder if your workers are spending an exceptionally long time on lunch somewhere or are somewhere they shouldn’t be during work hours. With the app installed you can track GPS and see where they are at any given time, thus eliminating the worry that they may be spending time where they shouldn’t but you can’t prove it. Now you can prove it.

SMS/MMS/social messages: You can see all texts (both incoming and outgoing) as well as messages that come in via social media sites, which are becoming increasingly more popular at being used to message instead of just normal texting. This can help you see if they’re messaging too much during work time.

Call recording: Similarly, to messages that come in and go out you can track the phone calls that come in and leave as well, alongside seeing the contact’s name and how long each conversation was. This way you’ll know if they’re talking too much or taking calls that don’t have anything to do with the work.

Internet activity: The software saves all internet activity from tracked devices. So if you think an employee is spending too much time on Facebook or any other website you’ll know for sure. You’ll know each site they visited during work time.

SIM card: You’ll be notified if the user of the tracked device tries to switch to another SIM card.

Invisible: The best part of this app, perhaps, is the fact that you can remain completely hidden yourself. Unless the phone owner knows exactly where to look and what specifically to notice then they won’t see that you can track them. This applies as well when the device is unrooted.

The app brings a lot to the table that, clearly, can help manage and eliminate employees spending too much time on their phones doing things during work time that they shouldn’t be doing.

Hoverwatch products are brought to you by Refog. They’ve had their products installed in more than 12 million computers and 196 countries in the last 6 years, and have helped many from the top with large enterprises in industrial and financial sectors to the smaller companies.

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