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How To Turn Your Backyard Into A More Spiritual And Relaxing Place

With all the daily stresses in life having a peaceful outdoor space where you can relax and retreat into your own inner world can be a lifesaver. Luckily there are a few easy ways you can add to your space which will make it not only more spiritual but more attractive as well. So here are some of the top options you’ll want to consider.

The Power Of Water

The association of water with tranquility is well-known. And it’s no coincidence that some of the most peaceful places in the world are those with ponds or streams running through them. While of course not everyone is lucky enough to have a brook running through their property, you may want to consider adding a pond. You don’t need anything massive or even in the actual ground. A small above the ground pond with a few fish can be enough to help whisk away your stress.

If a pond is not an option, you can always invest in a water feature or fountain. With one, all you’ll need to do is close your eyes and it will sound as if you are right next to your very own bubbling stream. As an added bonus the sound of the running water will also help to block out background noises as well.

The Spirit Of Your Trees

The trees you already have in your yard can be used to help transform the look and feel of your outdoor space as well. By adding tree faces to them you can help bring their spirits to life. Faces come in a range of styles from more mystical to those that are more natural and look like they are actually growing right out of the body of the tree itself. You may want to try and match up the look of individual trees with faces that you feel suit them.  Many people consider tree faces garden art, particularly those faces that are hand-carved from wood, because their looks can help to add beauty to your space as well.

Spiritual Statues

When it comes to making your yard a more spiritual place you don’t want to overlook the importance of statues. Not only can they make it more attractive but they can also help to set the theme of your space. Many of statues feature Buddha although you don’t have to be concerned if you aren’t an actual Buddhist since they can function as a reminder that your yard is a space of relaxation where no stress is allowed. You may want to consider adding humorous statues that feature meditating animals or simply creatures you find beautiful. And there are always plaques with spiritual symbols such as the Ying and Yang or which have quotes and sayings that help to keep you in a relaxed state of mind.

Don’t Forget Privacy

For many people it’s hard to really relax and meditate in their yard if neighbors or people walking by can see right in. This is understandable and adding a bit of privacy can go a long way. Of course walls and fences can help a lot. For a more natural look however you may want to add a hedge of trees or shrubs. A hedge can function to block the view of the street and neighbors but also function as a gorgeous backdrop created by Mother Nature herself. But there are also countless types of privacy screens and walls which can be added as well. And many of them have the added benefit of being portable and easy to set up.

You don’t need to be a Zen or meditation master to fully enjoy or appreciate the benefits of having a yard that’s set up for tranquility. And by applying these suggestions you will be well on your way towards having a more spiritual and relaxing space. So what are you waiting for?

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