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How To Use Home Pest Control To Remove Unwanted Pests

Why is home pest control important?

Pests such as ants, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, spiders, wasps and rodents find a way into your home no matter what. Getting rid of so many different types of pests and ensuring that they stay out is a never-ending, time-consuming task that no one likes to do. While insect killers and other ready-to-use pest repellents offer a quick solution, they cannot be relied on for long-lasting protection from pests.

From roaches to mice, all pests are carriers of harmful bacteria that spread onto the surfaces they touch, thus leaving your home infected with deadly germs you cannot even see. Evidently, many people tend to think that pests are not a year-round problem, as pests seem to appear only during a particular season. In winters, you will not see ants, lizards and roaches in your kitchen or elsewhere.

This is only because they hibernate into warm nooks and crannies of your home to escape cold temperatures. To think that they have gone away and the problem is over is a mistake many homeowners continue to make. To shield your family from diseases caused by microorganisms carried by these pests, you need to guard your home with year-long pest control.

How to ensure pests don’t enter your home in the first place?

To ensure that your home does not become the winter hideout of these pesky pests, the first important step is to seal all the crevices, holes and cracks in and outside your property so that the pests don’t have a space to hide. Go through the foundation and air-conditioning vents: you will always find a tiny space from where pests can enter your home. All of these spaces need to be sealed tight.

After all the possible entry points are secured, the next step is to secure the attic and the space under the doors from where the pests can creep in. All of this is a time-taking task and requires thorough evaluation of the interiors as well as exteriors of your home. The next step is to apply pest repellents at strategic points all through the property.

While you may be able to ward off a rodent or a couple of roaches using off-the-shelf sprays and repellents, the larger population that hides in the crevices of your home cannot be removed with this method. To ensure a job well done, entrust the complex task of securing your home against pests to a licensed pest control service.

Why hire a pest control service for your home?

Professional technicians do this day in and day out and have the right knowledge, materials and products, so they will be able to do a much more efficient job of sealing and securing your home against different types of pests than you can possibly achieve with a DIY.

Here are some reasons why you may consider outsourcing pest control to professionals:

  • Professional pest control service has the knowhow and expertise to eliminate different types of pests.
  • For long-term pest control, each pest needs to be eliminated using a unique combination of repellents that may not work for other pests.
  • Technicians check for pests in hard-to-reach spaces where you may not want to go.
  • Pest control service professionals have in-depth knowledge of the habits and diets of different pest species.
  • Commercial pest control is carried out using special techniques and equipment that controls reappearance of pests during the service months.
  • Commercial pest control products are designed to remove not only adult pests but also their eggs, larvae and pupae.
  • They ensure complete and thorough elimination that covers both indoors as well as outdoor areas of your home.
  • They provide guarantee against re-appearance of pests within a certain period and will offer free service if this happens.
  • They will clean up after application so that you can resume your activities within a few hours of service.

According to experts at, professional pest control for your residential or commercial property must be entrusted to a licensed service provider that has a team of trained service technicians to carry out the job.

Additionally, check how long the company has been in business and what all pests are covered in the service contract. A seasoned pest control service will not only do a great job of long-term pest control, they will guarantee re-service at no additional cost in case any of the eliminated pests resurface during the service period. So the next time you spot a pesky rodent in or around your home, call a reliable pest control service in your area than chasing it away on your own.

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