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Want to Buy Foam Boards? Understand The Related Terms First

The foam boards or mount boards are used for verities of purposes. They are the perfect choice for high-school students to big business houses to professionals like artists and photographers. These sturdy inexpensive boards are made up of compressed cardboard, thick papers and foams but now some companies are also producing the boards made of materials like plastic.

If you are a buyer willing to buy large foam boards you need to know some related terms to understand the board you are purchasing. Some of these terms indicate the safety ratings of the product so you should understand their meaning well.

Acid-Free Foam Board – When the manufacturers list their foam boards as being acid-free they generally mean that they have not used acid to treat their foam boards or some may also mean that the acidic chemicals have been covered up. The acid is used to give the foam boards their white colour so the manufacturers who do not use acids manufactures foam boards with a yellowish tint. If the foam board is to be used around children its best to opt for that yellowish board rather than the acid treated glazy white board.

Acid-free front and back – When you read this message then understand that the manufacturer wants to convey that although acid is used in the manufacturing process the front and back sides have been treated to contain any of the acidic contents. This shows that the safety standards have been taken care of during manufacturing.

Standard – When you read the term standard on your product package be warned that the foam board untreated for acid and hence may not be safe. These boards are typically used for short-term architectural or display board projects.

Conservation – If the foam board you are buying comes with the tag written ‘conservation’ then the manufacturer is trying to tell you that the product is made of wooden materials. These boards treated with 100% pure cellulose or wood pulp are available only in few colours but are available at very affordable rates.

Museum – This is the type of foam board constructed of 100% cotton fibres. These were the oldest form of board manufactured and they still hold the major portion of the market. These are available in very limited colours but are popular among the artists.

Museum Rag – Produced with cotton linters i.e. small cotton fibres these foam boards are available in 28 different colours. The limitation of this variety of foam board is that it is available only in one size i.e. 32-inches x 40-inches.

Now that you know the safety-related details about the mount boards you can take informed decision in choosing the right board for your purpose.


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